Saturday, September 29, 2012

Off to a Great Start

Here is this year's men's soccer team at University of the Cumberlands.

The men's soccer team is off to a good start!  They are 5-1-1.  And I believe they are ranked 33 in the country for NAIA.  Either way, I'm proud of the guys.  They are working hard and the have a great coach.  Love you babe.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Season Has Begun!

The University of the Cumberland's Men's Soccer Team has started season.  Yeah!  The first game was away and we beat Bryan College 2-1.  To follow soccer updates, just as last year, you can follow the soccerball updates to the right side of the blog.  As season gets into swing, I'll try to update the "Soccer Team" page, you can find this by clicking on their tab, just under the blog title.

The next game is a home game tomorrow.  Cheer us on!

Also, I added a Riley update on the "Mom Blog" for church.  To catch up on our handful you can click here

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help Us Vote!

Please go to the "Mom" blog and vote on your favorite "Awkward Mom Moment".  We are having a contest with a few of the moms from our group for a bag of baby food.  We need your unbaised votes!

We are doing well.  Brenton's team comes in this week for pre-season training and he is beginning to get sleepless!  That's when I know it's soccer time. 

Riley and I are having fun times too.  Riley is starting to say her name and all the other animal sounds I thought she never really took in.  She is saying new words right and left these days. 

She has also taken on crawling onto things and jumping; she is her dad's child.  The latest was when she belly flopped off the couch onto the bumbo seat without warning.  We have a daredevil on our hands! (This is a bumbo seat, below, incase you were wondering!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Blog

Hey moms & family.  I've started a new blog for moms as I've been asked to help begin a mom's program at church.  I'll be updating the following blog more frequently than our personal blog.  Please become a "FOLLOWER" of a new blog!  We'd love input and involvement from others.
(What to Expect:  Coupons, Crafts, Stories, Give-Aways, & Reciples)

Monday, May 21, 2012


Gibberish, baby talk, call it what you want!  All I know is that this is the most precious child ever.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Growing Like a Weed

We are loving spring and this beautiful weather, though it seems more like summer since it has been warm for a while now.  Riley is growing like a week, nearing a year and a half.  Brenton has kept busy with soccer, one of his great loves.  And the college guys are nearing graduation.  Poor Brenton, very soon he is going to loose some of his volleyball teammates until Fall.  Really not much new to share.  We are living fully and doing well.  Happy spring.